Friday, 7 August 2020

The Story About Smurfs

The story is about the smurfs. The story started with the smurfs living happily for hundreds of years until a man who they didn’t know came out from the bushes. He kidnapped some smurfs and destroyed their village. After that, the other smurfs had to learn to take on this man to save the smurfs. The other smurfs were locked up in a cage but they found a hair clipper and got out. When the man came back he wasn’t happy. They found another guy but he was nice so he kept them safe from other people. The guy came to the house to get them. Somehow he tracked them down. The creepy guy and the cool guy were fighting over the smurfs. The whole smurfs family came to save the day. They knocked him out with a big fat punch. The guy thanked them for making him not get knocked out. They went back to building their village again and have never been attacked since that bad time.

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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Sports Day Writing

it’s sports day today. And were playing soccer our position was 2 attackers 4 defenders 1 Goalie.
And they passed the ball to me and I was nervous and I was stepping people. I went for the shoot
and got a goal and it was the first goal for the game. We went on and on we were one point
ahead the attackers went up to the guy with the ball. It was Lionel Messi. So he stepped everyone
he went for a kick and got the goal. This was important because we were tied and they gave the
ball to me the best player in the team. He came up to me. He got the ball but I got it back. I ran
and ran till he was going to slide tackle me. But then I jumped and still had the ball. I stepped
everyone and got the goal. I won the game and the other team was angry that they didn't get the
trophy but we did and went home to celebrate.

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