Friday, 3 July 2020

Design Task - Blue Whale

Perimeter 2

Blue Whale Writing

Blue whales are the biggest things on the earth. And they have a lot of cool
things about them they have the loudest contact yells so that’s really cool.
I saw one I was fishing with my friends and then something hit the bottom of the
ship. It was a big whale. It was a blue whale. The ship was starting to go on it’s
side. I was telling everyone to get on a lifeboat. And I would get off this ship
somehow so the whale was gone but the ship was about to be gone too so
I jumped on to one of the lifeboats in just enough time when we saw the ship
sinking. That’s all our money for the ship down the drain and I have been
scared of a blue whale's sense that disaster.   

Blue Whale Research Task

Blue Whales Facts